Impossible Foods Founder Pat Brown: ‘Cultured Meat Is Never Going To Be A Thing’

Pat Brown believes plant-based protein is the future of sustainable food


By Charlotte Pointing, Plant Based News

21st June 2022


Impossible Foods founder Pat Brown believes that plant-based meat, not cultured or lab-grown meat, is the future of food.


In a recent interview with Plant Based News at Impossible Foods’ Covent Garden pop-up, Brown claimed that cultured meat is not an economically viable solution to the problems within the food system.


Right now, the meat industry is destroying the planet. Animal agriculture slaughters billions of animals, drives deforestation, and emits 14.5 percent of greenhouse gasses. Change is needed, but within the alternative protein industry, there is some disagreement on how to create that change.


While many startups are pouring money, time, and energy into growing meat from animal cells in labs, Brown believes that plant-based meat is a better solution.


The entrepreneur’s company, Impossible Foods, creates realistic-tasting products, like burgers and nuggets, using only simple plant-based ingredients. It has partnerships with major retailers and fast-food chains, including Burger King.


In Brown’s view, plant-based meat is already affordable, tasty, and satisfying to meat-eaters. But cultured meat, he says, is a “complete fallacy.”


“That industry has been saying, ‘we’re going to be on the grocery shelves next year’ for the past 10 years and it is as far as away as ever,” he said. “I wish it could be successful. I have no hard feelings about the idea. But it has zero percent chance of ever being competitive in the market.”


He added: “Plant-based food is going to win. We don’t need cultured meat. There’s no reason to be sad that it’s never going to be a thing.”


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