Local farmer starts charity, donates beef to fight hunger


By Sheena Elzie Dayton, Spectrum News 1 (OH)

Jun. 21, 2022


TROTWOOD, Ohio — An area farmer is trying something different to fight inflation. He’s starting a charity to get fresh ground beef to families in need.


Farmer Matthew Keener it's hard to raise cattle and hard to keep up with the rising cost of everything.


“The high grain costs are then gonna have to go to the cows, pigs and chickens, and turn that into hamburger and meat, so these costs are going to continue to escalate,” said Keener.


So far, he said they’ve been able to maintain through the price hikes and absorb the extra costs it takes to feed more than 100 cows on his family farm. He runs Keener Farms, near Dayton in Trotwood, but he’s concerned about families who can’t maintain.


“Anything we can do and give and set a catch net in place to help these people that are falling through the cracks in the next couple months because hard times are coming. They’re not over,” said Keener.


It’s the reason he started a charity where donations will be turned into meat for families in need...