Canadaís Iconic Coffee And Doughnut Hut Tim Hortons Will Open Their First London Branch This July

The finest Canadian export since Alanis Morrissette, Tim Hortons is finally opening a London branch this summer for all your coffee and doughnut needs.


Alex Landon, Secret London (UK)

20 June, 2022


The USA has been sending a lot of exports our way recently, what with Wendyís returning to the UK after a long absence and Taco Bell spreading across the city (somehow there are 20 branches here? When did that happen?). Now, our friends north of the border are sending us their finest, as Canadian treasure Tim Hortons will open their first London outpost, just in time for Canada Day.


You canít really understate how embedded in Canadian culture Tim Hortons is: for starters, it was founded by former ice hockey player and Toronto Maple Leafs legend Tim Horton (duh). Today, there are almost 5000 stores across the world serving coffee, doughnuts, and more, but thereís never been a branch in the capital until now. Opening on Canada Day Ė thatís July 1 Ė in west Londonís Royale Leisure Park, the London store promises to offer the full Tim Hortons experience. Itís by no means their first UK site Ė seemingly, the brand has gone everywhere else first Ė but at least itís Londonís turn now.


That means bucketloads of coffee, doughnuts...