Kansas offers resources to assist cattle feeders after heat event

Gov. Laura Kelly directs state agencies to expedite assistance to those who lost fed cattle to heat.


Source: The Kansas Governor’s Office

via Beef Magazine - Jun 20, 2022


Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly announced June 17 her administration has made resources available to support cattle feeders in southwestern Kansas whose cattle died over the weekend of June 10-12 due to heat stress. A combination of temperatures spiking in a short amount of time, high humidity, and little to no wind caused cattle losses during the weekend of June 10-12 — a rare event in an area that is usually ideal for cattle feeding.


“I have directed state agencies to do everything in their power to help Kansas cattle feeders who lost cattle due to heat stress,” Kelly said. “From expediting burial permits to reaching out to cattle producers across the state, my administration is working to ease the impact of last weekend’s losses on the Kansas agricultural community.”


“We’re working as quickly as possible to assist facilities in safely disposing of the carcasses, and to respond to the needs of impacted ranchers,” said Janet Stanek, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment. “In the last week, our staff has processed burial permits and worked with landfills to ensure that carcasses are disposed of properly.”


Mike Beam, Kansas secretary of agriculture, assured producers that the losses will not create a beef supply glitch.


“Last weekend’s losses reflect a very small percentage of the total fed cattle numbers in the state, so it will not impact meat prices for consumers,” Beam said...