Animal agriculture 'threatens human survival'

The survival of the human race is threatened by the continued use of animal agriculture, warned a trio of NGOs at this year's UN climate change conference


By Gwen Ridler, Food Manufacture (UK)



Policymakers have been pressured to change food systems to ensure the survival of the human race at the UN climate change conference.


Three global NGOs Ė Climate Save Movement, ProVeg International and World Animal Protection Ė urged policymakers at this yearís conference to transition away from animal agriculture if they want to tackle the climate crisis and safeguard the planetís population.


They called for an urgent shift to plant-based diets in order to tackle the 32% of human-caused methane attributed to animal agriculture, which had increased to 17 parts per billion in 2021 from 15.3 in 2020...


Scientific evidence†


ProVeg head of UN advocacy RaphaŽl Pods Elver bemoaned the fact that, while the scientific evidence and consensus to shift towards less resource intensive systems were in place, not much had been done in the way development at the policy level...†


Donít ditch meat ​


The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) last year urged the UK government to invest more time and money in proven ways to help reduce meatís carbon footprint, rather than throwing the whole system away in favour of alternative proteins...