Slaughterhouse in McClain County causing a stink


by: Adria Goins, KFOR (OK)

Jun 16, 2022


MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Neighbors near a slaughterhouse in McClain County said it has caused a stink.


The Harker Meat Plant off Oklahoma 74 opened about a year ago, and people living in the community said the smell and rising health concerns get worse every day.


They said the smell started coming from mounds of cow byproduct left out in the sun for days.


“It smells like death,” said Mary Brannon, who has lived in the community since 1980. “It’s causing a lot of flies and a terrible smell.”


Residents have also expressed concerns to KFOR about water from the plant’s lagoons and its potential to contaminate the area’s water table.


Mary Brannon, a longtime resident of Goldsby, said the plant sat vacant for many years, but in the months since the new owner moved in, the stench has been overwhelming.


It’s even drawn the attention of dozens of others in the community, who’ve commented about the terrible smell on social media. One woman said the odor gave her headaches for weeks.


“When things affect your health, it’s a problem,” said Dough Kennon, another concerned neighbor. He said the lagoons located in the back of the plant’s property also impacted his own land...


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