East Texas cattle operation takes action to keep cattle safe during high temperatures


By Mariela Gonzalez, KLTV (TX)

Jun. 17, 2022


TIMPSON, Texas (KTRE) - The summer heat is proving to be deadly to some cattle and livestock, and East Texas farmers are doing what they can to make sure their cattle remain safe.


According to a CNN report, the high temperatures, humidity, and low winds occurring this summer have caused at least two thousand cattle deaths in southwestern Kansas.


H3 Cattle of Timpson is a family-owned cattle operation. Co-owner Margo Hooper says they look over 70 cows and bulls that she and her parents raise, which are primarily show cattle.


The cattle themselves find shade or remain by the edge of a pond or in a pond to remain cool while being outside, but remaining too long in the water may bring other issues.


Its kind of a constant struggle to fight foot rot or hoof rot because of them being in the ponds, but its kind of the lesser of the evils right now, said Hooper


Cattle, especially younger calves, can suffer from heat strokes or pneumonia when extreme temperatures arise. Signs include loss of appetite, runny noses, and tongues hanging out...


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