Biden signs Ocean Shipping Reform Act

Legislative Watch: More difficult for shipping lines to refuse export cargoes; Lower Food and Fuels Act to address inflation; Davids joins House Ag.


P. Scott Shearer, National Hog Farmer

Jun 17, 2022


President Joe Biden signed the recently passed Ocean Shipping Reform Act to increase oversight of international shipping companies and make it more difficult for shipping lines to refuse export cargoes. 


Shippers over the past two years have been unloading containers from Asia at West Coast docks and then turning around the empty containers to return them to Asia at a faster time to take advantage of higher shipping rates. 


According to the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, on average 22% of U.S. agriculture foreign sales could not be completed in 2021 due to ocean carrier practices including: exorbitant freight rates; declined booking requests; unreasonable freight and demurrage/detention charges; and failure to communicate schedules in a timely manner.


In a conversation last week with Biden, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall told Biden that estimates indicate the U.S. has lost on more than $25 billion in agricultural exports over the past six months due to ocean shipping constraints.


Earlier President Biden said, "This bill will make progress reducing costs for families and ensuring fair treatment for American businesses-including farmers and ranchers."


The bill would ...


Lower Food and Fuels Act to address inflation ... 


Sharice Davids joins House Ag Committee ...