How Do You Make Whole-Cut Cultivated Meat? You Exercise It, Of Course

IP Australia has granted Israel’s MeaTech a patent for the development of systems that physically manipulate cultivated muscle tissue in a way that mimics cow movement without the cow. 


By Anna Starostinetskaya, VegNews

June 15, 2022


Israel-based food-technology startup MeaTech 3D Ltd. just secured a patent for a technology that will help create whole cuts of cultivated meat. The patent was granted by IP Australia to MeaTech for the development of systems and methods to apply external forces to cultivated muscle tissue that result in the development of high-quality, structured meat.


In its simplest ground format, cultivated meat is produced by using a small amount of animal cells and growing them in a bioreactor, akin to brewing beer. MeaTech takes this a step further by differentiating cells and 3D bioprinting them into meat before applying forces that replicate the exercise a cow would get but without the animal. “Our patented systems and methods strengthen and enhance cultured muscle tissues in a way that mimics how a cow’s muscles are developed while it walks and grazes,” Dan Kozlovski, MeaTech’s Chief Technology Officer, explained in a statement.


The bigger implication of MeaTech’s patent—which is one of several currently pending—is that it will allow for developments of whole cuts of meat that will help to cover the entire spectrum of meat cuts, thereby further removing justification to slaughter animals for food.


“We are excited about the first patent approval of our novel technology and processes,” MeaTech CEO Arik Kaufman said in a statement. “This achievement strengthens the company’s IP which we believe will help speed up MeaTech’s entry into the market as the leading producer of high-quality cultivated whole cuts of meat. We will also provide technology and services to third-party food-sector players.”


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