Most Canadians still prefer taste of beef to plant-based alternatives, but peer-to-peer food shaming on the rise


by RealAgriculture Livestock Team

June 16, 2022


Through the pandemic numerous food perspectives were subject to a shift, with more people cooking at home and grocery scarcity showing up for the first time for many. Just ahead of the pandemic, Beyond Meat, a plant-based protein company, went public to much fanfare.


The Canadian Meat Council has, of course, been watching the plant-based food trend closely, and a recent follow up survey suggests there are some real wins for the meat sector, but some new challenges ahead when it comes to consumer preference.


David Coletto is the founder and CEO of Abacus Data, the company that conducted a survey which collected Canadian’s perceptions regarding beef and plant-based alternatives. The survey, conducted in 2022, was compared against data collected pre-pandemic in 2019 to establish how perceptions regarding meatless “meat” may have shifted through the global crisis.


He says although there are people who are considering reducing the amount of meat they consume, overall it’s not a significant increase at all.


“Despite the fact that the marketplace is getting more choices for consumers, there are more alternatives, they aren’t seemingly taking effect. And people aren’t fundamentally changing their diet away from meat and animal-based protein,” shares Coletto, adding that 90 per cent of Canadians say they greatly enjoy the taste of animal protein...


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