Beef industry making progress on net zero, but is it moving fast enough for major export markets?


         Emissions are down 58.21 per cent since 2005

         Ground cover in farming areas is at 80 per cent

         Meat processors have diverted 2.39m tonnes of waste from landfill


By David Claughton and Michael Condon, ABC Rural Australia

Jun 16, 2022


The Australian beef industry has released its latest report on emissions and claims to be making progress, but is it fast enough for export markets, which are increasingly demanding action on climate change?


Emissions are coming down as farmers increase the amount of ground cover across their paddocks, land clearing has slowed, biodiversity is growing and abattoirs have built systems that trap waste and divert it from landfill.


Mark Davie, chair of the steering group that manages the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF), said Australia had a critical role to meet the challenge of feeding a growing global population.


"The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework is a key tool to ensure we can deliver high-quality beef that is powerfully nutritious and sustainably produced, he said.


But green groups complain about the impact of agriculture on the planet in places like Brazil, where the Amazon is being cleared for grazing and methane emissions from cattle are contributing to global warming.


Some of Australia's key trading partners are also pushing hard for more action.


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