Washington reinstates kill order for Togo wolf pack after a series of cattle attacks


MyNorthwest (WA)

Jun 15, 2022


The Togo wolf pack in Northeastern Washington has injured or killed four calves within the last 30 days, triggering lethal removal of wolves under the state’s management plan.


On Monday, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Director Kelly Susewind released a statement that a hunt for one or two wolves will take place. He authorized the action in response to repeated depredations of cattle on private grazing lands in Ferry County.


“The proactive and responsive non-lethal deterrents used by the two affected livestock producers in the area this grazing season have not curtailed further depredations,” WDFW said in a press release.


The WDFW has shot one wolf in five previous tries at culling the pack since 2018.


“They don’t think they have anything to fear from,” said Scott Nielsen, President of the Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association, on June 13. “It’s past time that something gets done to protect livestock, but unfortunately, I do not think that killing one or two of the pack is going to slow the attacks at this point. Fish and Wildlife waited too long, and they’ve now got a chronically depredating pack of wolves on their hands.”


Nielsen believes many other kills and injuries are tied to the Togo pack, but it is challenging to get WDFW to confirm them...