The future in oral vaccines for PEDV


By Averie Hascall, Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

June 15, 2022


During the America’s Cultivation Corridor Press Conference at the World Pork Expo last week, they discussed an array of topics dealing with innovations in pork production. One topic that was heavily discussed involved the Mazen Animal Health oral vaccinations for pregnant sows to prevent the development of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) which is currently undergoing studies to be approved by the USDA.


Veterinarian and Strategic and Technical Lead for Mazen Animal Health, Rick Sibbel explains what they are doing for pregnant sows to help prevent PEDV through oral vaccines and how Iowa State University has played a role in this journey.


Sibbel goes into detail about immune systems and how they relate animals and people together through nasal and respiratory cavities.


Oral vaccines can make it easier on the producers, workers, and even veterinarians where the risk for injury and stress for both parties is minimal. Sibbel talks about how they will administer the oral vaccines to the pregnant sows...


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