NFU Sends Letter to Congress Urging Support for Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act

Urges Members to support bill that will provide fairness for farmers and lower prices for consumers


Source: National Farmers Union (NFU)

June 15, 2022


WASHINGTON, DC – In a letter to Congress today, National Farmers Union (NFU) expressed support for the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act and urged Members to support this critical legislation that will provide fairness to farmers, lower prices for consumers, and fight back against decades of consolidation in agriculture. A link to the letter can be found here.


“The Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act includes a host of Farmers Union priorities that will provide fairness for farmers,” said NFU President Rob Larew. “Farmers Union members are in strong support of bolstering USDA’s ability to investigate consolidation in the livestock industry that has been squeezing profits away from farmers and ranchers. NFU is also supportive of the provisions to expand processing capacity that will give our members more opportunities to get their products to their communities.


“The year-round E15 provisions will also have the benefit of lower fuel prices at the pump and more market access for farmers. NFU has long supported biofuels and we’re glad to see this included as a priority for lowering fuel costs.”


Through its Fairness for Farmers campaign, NFU has been working to bring many of the issues discussed today into the national spotlight, including pushing back against corporate monopolies, broadening market opportunities, expanding processing capabilities, and addressing supply chain vulnerabilities.




About NFU

National Farmers Union advocates on behalf of more than 200,000 American farm families and their communities. We envision a world in which farm families and their communities are respected, valued, and enjoy economic prosperity and social justice.


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U.S. House to vote on Lower Food and Fuel Cost Act Thursday evening


By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield

June 15, 2022


The U.S. House will vote on legislation that could have major implications for biofuels tomorrow.


Renewable Fuels Association CEO Geoff Cooper says the Lower Food and Fuel Cost Act includes a permanent fix for year-round E15.


“This is legislative language that would once and for all remove that hurdle that we’ve had to E15 sales in the summertime. That’s been something we’ve been trying to get through Congress for many years.”


He tells Brownfield the bill also includes $200 million in additional funding for higher blends infrastructure.


“Grants that would help offset the cost of installing dispensers, tanks, and other infrastructure necessary to distribute higher blends of ethanol like E15 all the way up to E-85.”


The legislation will be heard on the House Floor Thursday...


more, including audio [12:04 min.]