Why US Farmers Say Food Prices Will Likely Continue To Rise


By Hope Ngo, Tasting Table

June 15, 2022


To say the world has been turned upside down since the end of the coronavirus pandemic might seem like an understatement, especially since we're seeing inflation at levels not seen in decades on top of supply chain shocks. Let's not forget about the war that has compromised global food supplies. As a result, we're all having to pay more for everything, everywhere: from gas to groceries.


And while we might think that farmers are immune to the havoc seen in the global supply chain, know that they've experienced as much sticker shock as we have, because the higher price of fertilizer, weed killers, equipment maintenance, and seasonal help have all done their collective part to eat up profits so farmers may only have enough to get by this year, per The Wall Street Journal.


As NPR put it, "the numbers aren't pretty." One farmer says the cost of fertilizer has almost tripled from $6,000 to $16,000. The price of diesel to run tractors has gone from $27,000 to $66,750. "Everybody's sweating right now because we don't know what's going to happen. And we're all trying to do the best that we can cut corners, cut cost to survive it." New Mexico farmer Don Hartman says.


Farmers are dealing with the effects of climate change ...


Not everyone stands to lose this environment ...


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