Report shows gap in urban-rural food satisfaction, security

According to the survey results, urban consumers are more likely than rural consumers to be happy with both their diets and lives.


Source: Purdue University

via National Hog Farmer - May 12, 2022


People living in urban and rural areas share many of the same concerns about food prices and availability - including the impact of recent bird flu outbreaks. However, differences remain in food insecurity and diet satisfaction, according to the monthly Consumer Food Insights Report.


The survey-based report out of Purdue University's Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability assesses food security and spending, consumer satisfaction and values, support of agricultural and food policies and trust in information sources.


This month's report also examines the year to date and compares the answers of respondents living in rural versus urban areas.


Key results include:


    60% of consumers are concerned about the impact of bird flu on food prices.

    Food spending is 9% higher than in January, but food demand remains price insensitive.

    14% of all households and 23% of rural households are facing food insecurity.

    71% of people in urban and 61% in rural areas give their diet a high rating.

    A Sustainable Food Purchasing Index of 69/100.


Although not a new trend, the difference in food insecurity between urban and rural demographics was clear in the survey results, says Jayson Lusk, the head and Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue, who leads the center...


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