If This, Then What? Producers Get Hands-On FAD Response Practice


Source: National Pork Board (NPB)

via FarmJournal's Pork - May 12, 2022


The National Pork Board recently organized a foreign animal disease (FAD) exercise to practice and troubleshoot a simulated response to a mock disease outbreak. Over 40 people from academia, production, USDA, the veterinarian community and Iowa Pork Producers Association teamed up during the full-day event hosted by the Swine Medicine Education Center staff at Iowa State University.


“The value of this exercise is continuous practice since regulation, technology and stakeholder awareness evolve. The more we prepare, the quicker we can respond to an actual incident,” says Tyler Bauman, DVM, herd veterinarian for The Maschhoffs, LLC.


Participants practiced every procedure in the coordinated response plan based on location and the outbreak’s status to identify, understand and address their knowledge gaps...