Disney’s Steakhouse 71 offers retro flavors with “Contemporary” flair | Review


By Amy Drew Thompson, Orlando Sentinel (FL)

May 12, 2022


Salisbury steak dates to well before the 1970s, but you cannot separate the dish from the TV dinners those of us who lived the decade remember. So, when the mad scientists of Walt Disney World’s Flavor Lab began spinning up ideas for Steakhouse 71, this pop-culture classic was hot-listed.


Two formidable patties — a blend of brisket and chuck — rest atop a luxe bed of garlic mashed potatoes amid a translucent chestnut wash of mushroom gravy. Fried onions, errant and artfully scattered with flecks of green onion and parsley, offer up tantalizing visual texture that delivers tenfold upon taste. All of it begs for mopping with a torn swath of sea salt-dusted potato brioche.


I know photographers in Orlando’s food community who could make its earthy tones look appealing. Because frankly, it is. I, however, couldn’t do it justice. And so, words.


Here are a few more: This ain’t Hungry-Man.


So, if you feel like recapturing that nostalgia, with a colossal Contemporary Resort upgrade, here’s your chance. It’ll run you $22 as you get a peek of the space’s transformation.


Steakhouse 71, formerly The Wave, was timed with Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary and gets a storyline to match...


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