Animal kingdom: 1 in 3 would choose their pet over their house or spouse!


by Chris Melore, Study Finds††

May 10, 2022


NEW YORK ó Home really ISNíT where the heart is, apparently. New research suggests that if it came down to it, one-third of Americans would choose their pet over their house!


A panel of 2,000 dog and cat owners reveals that 33 percent would choose their four-legged friend instead of their house, and another 33 percent would choose their pet over their significant other.


Owners fear petís death more than family members


Another 31 percent say that the possibility of their petís death keeps them up at night ó even more so than the death of a family member (28%), being the victim of a crime (18%), or going through a divorce (14%). So, itís no surprise that two-thirds (66%) get stressed thinking about how their pet will age.


According to the poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of ElleVet Sciences, 69 percent of respondents worry they wonít be able to identify and treat their petís aches and pains as they get older...


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