McDonald’s introduces new monster burger in China


by D. Goodman, Guilty Eats

May 11, 2022


Ask almost anyone at a McDonald’s what the two best toppings to put on a burger are and you will usually get some variation on two items. One is bacon because as we all know, everything is better with bacon and the other is some form of cheese.


In fact, I never quite understood why when you order a Whopper at Burger King you have to ask for it with cheese. I mean, sure, you might pass if you’re lactose intolerant but otherwise? Who gets any kind of burger without cheese on it?


Which might explain why McDonald’s is taking the idea to eleven with their new burger that they are introducing in China. Because why offer it in America? It’s not like we like cheese or anything. But I digress.


McDonald’s goes over the top with the Triple Cheese Angus Thick Beef Burger.


According to the cheese loving fools over at Chewboom, McDonald’s is introducing the new Triple Cheese Angus Thick Beef Burger as part of their Angus MAX Burger menu. As well as having a ridiculously long name, the new burger also has a ridiculous amount of cheese.


The Triple Cheese Angus Thick Beef Burger includes a thick (hence the name) Angus beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, cheese sticks as well as cheese sauce. And if that’s not enough dairy for you, you can buy an extra packet of cheese sauce to pour over the whole thing...


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