Consumer demand for home-cooked U.S. steak rises in Korea

Special steak sections were developed to promote chilled U.S. beef steak in meat cases at 135 Homeplus stores in Korea.


Source: U.S. Meat Export Federation

via Beef Magazine - May 11, 2022


The lingering effects of COVID restrictions on Korea's foodservice sector has fueled rising interest among Korean consumers in cooking and enjoying high-quality red meat at home. Consumer demand is soaring and retail chains are looking to expand their meat cases.


One of Korea's leading hypermart chains Homeplus is taking it a step further by working to position its meat departments as year-round "steak specialty stores."


"Homeplus is transforming its meat display sections," says Junil Park, USMEF Korea director. In prior years, U.S. beef steaks were promoted only during year-end holidays but Homeplus has begun featuring chilled U.S. steak cuts year-round.


"For this campaign, USMEF participated in and supported the development of special Steak House sections at 135 Homeplus outlets," Park says.


In addition to point-of-sale materials funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and the Colorado Beef Council, USMEF utilized funding from Iowa Corn Promotion Board to produce short-form videos with a local chef about how to properly cook high-quality U.S. beef steak in a frying pan...