Joe Biden Fact Check


By: Bill O'Reilly, 

May 11, 2022


Here's a fact check on President Biden's inflation speech Tuesday morning. He's blaming higher prices on Covid and Putin. If you think about it, that's not fair to the virus or Vlad.


Covid shut the economy completely down in April 2020. Maybe someone might remind Joe that Trump was president at the time and inflation ran 1.4 percent from the shutdown to the end of Trump's term. 


Sooooooo, no Covid inflation for The Don, but plenty for Joe.


Make sense to you?


The answer, by the way, is no.


Then there's the record high gas price situation that Joe blames on bad Vlad storming into Ukraine. But wait.


When President Trump left office, a gallon of gas averaged $2.93. After a year of Biden, a gallon cost $3.75. And that was a month before Putin invaded.


Does Joe know that? Does Jill? Does Jen? Helloooooo, anyone?


We live now in the United States of Propaganda because there is no longer an honest press. Politicians say dishonest stuff all the time with few consequences.


But when it comes to your financial well-being - you should know the truth. Joe Biden's policies have badly damaged the overall economy and stimulated an inflation rate approaching 10 percent.


The stats are in stone.


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