Foreign impacts of Proposition 12

The restrictions the California law would impose reach beyond the U.S. pork industry.


Gary Baise, FarmFutures 

May 09, 2022


The Canadian Pork Board filed an AMICUS brief in the U.S. Supreme Court and told the Court about the impact Proposition 12 would have on Canadian and other foreign pork producers who export their products to the United States. The brief tells the Supreme Court that Proposition 12 impacts the agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States.


It turns out that California’s Prop 12 regulates international as well as domestic commerce. In addition, the Canadian Pork Board claims that California Prop 12 violates the U.S. commerce clause by preventing the U.S. “from speaking with one voice on the regulation of foreign commerce.”


The Canadian Pork Council claims it represents about 7,000 pork producers and farms from across Canada. The Canadian Pork Council, a private group, tells the U.S. Supreme Court justices and their law clerks that Canada and other countries who export finished pork products into the United States that Prop 12 will have “adverse consequences for the operations of its members.”


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Trade violations ...