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·         Shanghai’s Covid Lockdown Gets Tougher: ‘If One Person Tests Positive, the Whole Building Isolates’

·         ‘No end in sight’: Shanghai residents chafe at harsh Covid measures

·         Tesla Stutters Under Tighter Shanghai Lockdown; Beijing Keeps Hunting COVID

·         Shanghai Tightens Lockdown Despite Falling COVID Cases

·         The Pace of China’s Trade Slowdown Is Coming Into Focus



Shanghai’s Covid Lockdown Gets Tougher: ‘If One Person Tests Positive, the Whole Building Isolates’

Residents say authorities in Shanghai, now in its sixth week under strict lockdown, have begun forcing more people into centralized quarantine facilities


By Cao Li, The Wall Street Journal

May. 10, 2022


HONG KONG—After six weeks of strict lockdown, Shanghai authorities are again tightening Covid-19 restrictions amid a renewed push by central-government officials to eradicate the virus, sparking a new wave of frustration in the coastal city of 25 million people.


Though Shanghai officials haven’t formally announced any new citywide measures, residential communities and grass-roots authorities have expanded the scope of people being taken into centralized quarantine while cutting off deliveries of nonessentials to swaths of the city, according to half a dozen Shanghai residents who have received notices and shared them with The Wall Street Journal...


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‘No end in sight’: Shanghai residents chafe at harsh Covid measures

Tensions rise again as lockdowns grind on and the city’s population tire of strict zero-Covid policy


Vincent Ni, The Guardian (UK)

10 May 2022


Tensions between Shanghai residents and China’s Covid enforcers are on the rise again, amid a new push to end infections outside quarantine zones to meet President Xi Jinping’s demand for achieving “dynamic zero-Covid”.


Videos shared on China’s social media platforms showed suspected Covid-positive patients forcibly quarantined in central facilities. In some neighbourhoods a single positive case could lead to residents in the entire apartment building be sent for quarantine.


Censors have been taking down many of these videos, but determined residents have continued to post them. Past speeches by top officials and legal scholars have resurfaced in which they speak of the importance of the rule of law. These speeches have been shared and reposted on social media to express disapproval of government policy.


Last week, Xi reiterated that his government had no intention of turning away from the controversial zero-Covid commitment, in a major speech to the country’s senior cadres. He urged officials to “unswervingly adhere to the general policy of dynamic zero-Covid” and warned against any criticism or doubting of the policy.


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Tesla Stutters Under Tighter Shanghai Lockdown; Beijing Keeps Hunting COVID


By David Stanway and Martin Quin Pollard, Reuters

via U.S. News & World Report - May 10, 2022


SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) -Tesla operated its Shanghai plant well below capacity on Tuesday, showing the problems factories face trying to ramp up output under a tightening COVID-19 lockdown, while China's capital kept up its fight with a small but stubborn outbreak.


Many of the hundreds of companies reopening factories in Shanghai in recent weeks have faced challenges getting production lines back up to speed while keeping workers on-site in a "closed loop" system.


Even if they manage to get everything right, such firms depend on suppliers facing similar challenges...


... COVID curbs in Shanghai, Beijing and dozens of other major manufacturing hubs across China are taking a heavy toll on the world's second largest economy, with significant knock-on impacts on global trade and supply chains...









Shanghai Tightens Lockdown Despite Falling COVID Cases


Associated Press

via VOA News - May 09, 2022


Authorities in Shanghai have again tightened anti-virus restrictions, just as the city was emerging from a month of strict lockdown due to a COVID-19 outbreak.


Notices issued in several districts said residents were ordered to stay home and are barred from receiving nonessential deliveries as part of a "quiet period" lasting at least until Wednesday. The tightened measures could be extended depending on the results of mass testing, the notices said.


"Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Together we can lift the lockdown at an early date," said one notice issued in the city's Huangpu district and posted online.


It wasn't clear what prompted the renewed tightening, with numbers of new COVID-19 cases in the city continuing to fall.


Shanghai on Monday reported 3,947 cases over the previous 24 hours, almost all of them asymptomatic, along with 11 deaths... 


... "Every time, they say lockdown will be eased after a few days, but there seems to be no end," said the woman, who asked that she be identified only by her surname, Lu, to avoid repercussions from authorities who have cracked down heavily on dissent...





The Pace of China’s Trade Slowdown Is Coming Into Focus


ByBrendan Murray, Bloomberg  

May 9, 2022


The economic damage from China’s Covid restrictions around the global trade hub of Shanghai is starting to emerge and, according to Bloomberg Economics, “it doesn’t look pretty.”


Unsightly indeed were some of the key figures in a report Monday that highlighted both supply and demand concerns:


Export growth in dollar terms slowed to 3.9% from a year earlier — the weakest pace since June 2020 — after a 14.7% rise in  March.

Imports were unchanged in April after sliding 0.1% in the previous month.


Digging a little deeper, the biggest declines in exports last month were those to Russia, with shipments falling about 26% from a year ago, followed by Hong Kong, the U.K., Japan and Germany. Exports to the U.S. rose 9.4%. (Click here for the full story.)


“An abrupt slowdown in export growth underlines strain on global supply chains from the disruptions to factory output and logistics,” Eric Zhu, a China economist with Bloomberg Economics, wrote in a note. “Zero import growth — down from double digits just two months earlier — suggests domestic demand is cratering.”


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