Blue Ocean Barns receives CDFA approval for seaweed supplement

Natural digestive aid for cattle is made from a red seaweed proven in trials to reduce enteric methane emissions by more than 80%


Source: Blue Ocean Barns

via Feedstuffs - May 09, 2022


Blue Ocean Barns has announced that the California Department of Food and Agriculture has authorized commercial use of the company's seaweed-based supplement as a digestive aid for cattle.


The firm says the decision followed a highly successful trial at Straus Organic Dairy Farm in Marin County, the largest and longest yet conducted with seaweed and dairy cows. CDFA's Safe Animal Feed Education Program provided technical assistance, feed sampling and analysis during the trial.


Brominata is a variety of red seaweed proven in published scientific trials to promote higher energy yield from the digestion of hay and grasses and to reduce cows' methane emissions by 80% or more. The livestock industry has long needed a feed additive to reduce the wasted energy that cattle naturally burp into the atmosphere. Over the past four years, multiple studies by major universities have shown that the supplement is safe for cows and doesn't change the chemistry or taste of milk or meat.


Following the Straus trial, Blue Ocean Barns' independent conclusion that the product is Generally Recognized as Safe was reviewed by California's Commercial Feed Regulatory Program and Livestock Drug Program...