Cornett: Calling Cory Booker


By Steve Cornett, Opinion, Drovers††

May 10, 2022


Why are we importing beef, especially processed beef, from Brazil?


Why arenít we and all the environmental groups working together to hit DC like Jan. 6, demanding we stop importing that stuff. Food safety, we should say. Rainforest, we should yell. Indigenous tribes, we should holler. Global warming!


Where is Cory Booker when we need a leader?


From our beef industry, food safety, perspective: Brazil is not Canada. Take a google at ďBrazil briberyĒ and see how many hits you get. Mine says: About 17,700,000 results (0.59 seconds) I love the country. Love the people I know from there. But its form of government can best be described as a Bribeyocracy.


The ever-reliable Wikipedia states flat out: ďCorruption in Brazil exists on all levels of society from the top echelons of political power to the smallest municipalities ď Thatís a bribeyocracy in my books. A corruptopia. A place where you donít drink anything without alcohol in it and you keep a pocketful of cash in case you get caught stealing something or murdering somebody.


Iíve had a little experience with bribeyocratic countries. I donít want to talk about my college visits to Juarez, so Iíll remember back in the 60ís, when my dad hired braceros.* One of them was my age and we got to be friends. He returned year after year even after the official program was halted. Sent every cent home; first to help some kid brothers through school then to buy a policemanís job in Chihuahua City. I asked why be a cop and he said because you can make a lot of money.

We had our own Spanglish language, Eliobaldo Sanchez Corral and I, because I knew some Spanish words and he knew some English words and we pretty well knew which ones the other guy knew. I didnít tape, but I believe the nearly exact quote was, I believe, ďmaybe un hombre, una muchacha, kissee-kissee in el parqueÖĒ and then he wagged his index finger, no-no, and then did the fingers-to-thumb, whisking, universal sign for money.


A little kissee-kissee mordita is one thing. But he could have been planning to buy a job inspecting meat.† Um, or a packing conglomerate, I suppose.


Wait. What were we talking about? Oh, yes. WHY ARE WE IMPORTING BEEF FROM BRAZIL?


Surely you saw the recent Washington Post article with the headline How Americansí love of beef is helping destroy the Amazon rainforest?


I have done wrong things in my life, not even counting Juarez, which Iím sorry even came up in the conversation, but destroying rain forest to produce beef is not one of them. And I donít think I like being lumped in with the people described in that article. And Iíd like to mention to the reporters that those guys are selling their beef to my customers and I donít very much trust their matadouros. And I prefer not to share my reputation with them.


Are you aware: China banned Brazilian beef for a while. China!† And those folks will eat anything. Bats. Cats. Rats. Eels. Seals.


NCBA is not an overly protective outfit, you know. I mean they like exports a lot more than they fear imports. But they are scared of Brazilian beef.


They beseeched the administration last month:


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