Ag trade expert: “Close the gate to the black swans”


By Rhiannon Branch, Brownfield

May 9, 2022


A global ag trade expert says a series of rare events has created an ongoing list of challenges for farmers around the world.


Gregg Doud, currently with Aimpoint Research, formerly served as Chief Ag Negotiator for the US Trade Representative under the Trump Administration. He tells Brownfield while Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered a number of global supply chain issues, it’s also put Ukrainian farmers in danger.


“We see where some areas have been mined, that makes the notion of getting out there with a tractor and implement a life or death kind of discussion.”


Meanwhile, as the US bounces back from challenges related to COVID-19, countries like China remain in lockdown.


“The Chinese economy is not well, and with those lockdowns we have to keep on mind we are going to get log jammed and bottled up here again with the supply chain issues.”


And he says unruly...