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·         FMD in Indo a ‘major wake-up call’ but not reason to panic: CCA president

·         Australia offers Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine support to Indonesia amid outbreak



FMD in Indo a ‘major wake-up call’ but not reason to panic: CCA president


James Nason, Beef Central (Australia)



WHILE the confirmation of Food and Mouth Disease in Indonesia has created urgency to ensure Australia’s livestock traceability systems are working as effectively as possible, it is also important that industry retain perspective and not panic about the nearby outbreak.


That is the view of Cattle Council of Australia president Markus Rathsmann, who spoke to Beef Central this morning about the industry’s position in response to the reported FMD outbreak in Indonesia on Friday.


An FMD outbreak in a neighbouring country is of great concern to Australia’s livestock sector from an animal welfare perspective and because, under current trade protocols, it would mean the immediate loss of access to premium export markets for our cattle, sheep, goat and buffalo industries.


No reason to panic


The return of FMD to Indonesia was a crucial wake-up call for Australia to ensure reforms of traceability system are in place and working properly, Mr Rathsmann said.


But he also emphasised that it was important not to lose sight of the fact that Indonesia has had FMD before, and that Australia has helped Indonesia to eradicate FMD in the past and will actively support Indonesia to achieve the same result now...


Robust traceability needed for all livestock sectors ...


What would happen in the event of an FMD outbreak in Australia? ...


Pre-incursion work now vital ...


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Australia offers Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine support to Indonesia amid outbreak


·         Australia is offering Indonesia financial and technical support following an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease

·         Australia's chief vet says FMD's spread to Indonesia will likely double the chances of an Australian incursion

·         Livestock industry groups say they're concerned, but confident in Australia's biosecurity system


By Stephanie Sinclair, Daniel Fitzgerald and Amy Phillips, ABC Kimberley Australia

May 9, 2022


The Australian government has offered Indonesia financial support to secure a vaccine to contain an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).


While Indonesia is yet to officially declare the outbreak with the World Organisation for Animal Health, more than 2,000 head of cattle are understood to be infected in provinces across North Sumatra and East Java.


The highly contagious disease,  which is not yet present in Australia, is believed to have spread from Malaysia and marks the first FMD incursion in Indonesia since 1986.


The offer comes as government officials and the livestock sector work to safeguard Australia's FMD-free status and maintain access to global export markets.


In a statement released on Monday, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment confirmed it had been advised of the outbreak and was offering assistance to Indonesia to combat and contain the outbreak.


"In response to the outbreak in Indonesia, the department has advised livestock industries to be alert, raised awareness at the border, particularly in the north, provided advice to state and territory governments, and liaised with Indonesian counterparts," the statement said...


Industry alert, but not alarmed ...


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