Australian trade deal allows cows kept in ‘poor’ conditions to be imported to UK, say campaigners


Sami Quadri, Evening Standard (Australia)

via Yahoo Sport - 7 May 2022


The British government has faced criticism from animal welfare activists after signing a trade deal with Australia that allows cows kept in “poor” conditions to be imported to the UK.


The UK has strict laws on animal transportation and it is forbidden to travel with cattle for more than 14 hours without stopping for food or water.


However, in parts of Australia it is legal to transport cattle for up to 48 hours without eating and drinking.


Campaigners have complained the trade deal would make it easier for Australia to export cheap meat to the UK market at the expense of livestock welfare.


Compassion in World Farming called the deal “completely unacceptable” while the RSPCA warned it paves the way for future deals that permit “poor animal welfare”.


James West, senior policy manager at Compassion in World Farming, told The Independent: “We should not be undermining improvements in UK standards by importing products from animals that have suffered even more elsewhere.”


David Bowles of the RSPCA said: