9 Burger Chains With the Best Quality Meat In America

These brands are your best bet for top-notch patties.


By Matt Kirouac, Eat This, Not That! 

May 5, 2022


Much like steakhouses, burger restaurants stand out with the quality of their meat—or lack thereof. Perhaps even more so than steakhouses, burger chains need to distinguish themselves with top-tier products, due to the fact that they oftentimes don't have the glitz and glamor of a fine dining steakhouse vibe to fall back on.


And when it comes to product, it's all about the beef. Sure, it's important to have good toppings, condiments, and buns (not to mention the fact that burger chains have really stepped up their game with meat-free patties), but if you don't have quality beef, everything else is for naught.


It's also important for these companies to steer clear of antibiotic-laden meat, an issue that's plagued the beef industry, leading the WHO to call antibiotic resistance one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today.


From fast-food restaurants and drive-thru fixtures to regional mini-chains, there are a select few companies that go above and beyond with their diligent sourcing and handling of the meat all the way from procurement to the moment it hits the bun. These are nine burger chains that put in that extra effort to serve the best quality meat in America.


1.    BurgerFi ...


2.    Shake Shack ...


3.    Epic Burger...


4.    In-N-Out ...