Meatpacking, food processing workers in Austin celebrate frontline worker bonus checks


Mackenzie Davis, KAAL TV (MN)

May 04, 2022


(ABC 6 News) - Frontline worker pay legislation was signed late last week at the Capitol by Gov. Walz, giving over 600,000 workers each a $750 check.


Meatpackers and food processing workers in Austin rallied on Wednesday to celebrate receiving that money. About 100 of them from Hormel, Seneca Foods and Quality Pork Processors gathered at the Austin Labor Center.


"Today is very much a celebration," Rena Wong, Organizing Director for United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 663, said.


The union members of UFCW 663 have been fighting for the 'Minnesota State Workplaces for Meat and Poultry Processing Workers Act' for over two years.


"You guys are the reason we were able to get this done," Matt Karnes, a worker at Quality Pork Processors, said to the union members.


Karnes said he has worked at QPP for 18 years.


"We bust our tails. We've been out there 7 days a week, 50-60 hours a week and showing up every single day," Dan Lenway, who has worked at Hormel Foods for 27 years, said...


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