AEM identifies trends expected to reshape the way food is produced


By Amie Simpson, Brownfield

May 6, 2022


The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has identified 13 trends expected to reshape the way food is produced in North America over the next decade.


Megan Tanel, president of AEM, says producing more with less environmental impact is one of the top trends.


“I think farmers have always been really good at being stewards of the environment and the land, but they are constantly asked to produce more while reducing that environmental impact,” she says. “The global population is expected to increase by 2.2 billion by 2050. That means farmers are going to have to grow 70% more food, and that’s really not a lot of time in there to figure out how to do that. So, our focus along this vein again was really focusing on technology and its adoption and how that’s going to be key to meeting the food production demands. For us, one of those solutions would be along the lines of precision agriculture. That’s just one way to help row crop farmers meet that growing expectation with less impact.”


And, she tells Brownfield there is also a need to reduce the connectivity gap.


“As we can narrow the connectivity gap that really can level the playing field a little bit for some of these small- to medium- sized farmers who we need in this fight as well to feed the world as well,” she says. “So, when you’re looking at innovative technologies, you know we’ll be using satellites, 5G fiber optics, all these things to help close that connectivity gap, that will help enable the farmers to leverage the innovations and the strategies so they can produce more food with again less environmental impact. With that connectivity being such a huge deal, we are happy to be able to talk about the bipartisan infrastructure law that has about $65 billion included to improve Internet service. A huge focus is rural broadband and I think once we can improve that Internet service again, it enables small to medium sized farmers to also focus on technology and the connectivity in that piece that would be essential in the food supply chain across rural America.”


Tanel says the optimization of water use will be another huge topic over the next decade...


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