Red meat R&D: What’s in the box? Technology driving label verification


Beef Central (Australia)



THE Australian Meat Processor Corporation is managing research into label verification which is a key part of AMPC’s strategic plan.


One of the plan’s strategic aspirations is that by 2030, Australia is the preferred trading partner for premium red meat products globally, with unrivalled access to high value markets.


The label verification research is looking at various technologies available to verify the contents of a carton of meat with the label on the outside of the box. Using technology to do this takes out the potential for human error and ensures accuracy.


Traceability of meat through a processing plant is extremely important for export purposes. The trade implications for processors if the labels do not match mean that the plant can be de-listed for exporting to the country concerned.


AMPC’s research program for label verification is helping processors find more efficient ways of matching box contents with box labels through technology.


The program includes a project looking at the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, embedding a tag within the carton itself, with a similar tag on the cuts of meat inside the box.


Another project is working with artificial intelligence to take photos of cuts of meat within a carton and then ensuring it matches up with the wording on the label on the outside of the carton.


A trial was conducted last year which identified six cuts of meat in one processing plant and matched them correctly to their box labels. A new trial is about to begin that will match 20 cuts of meat with their box labels at two processing plants…