NFU's Rob Larew Believes Transparency in the Marketplace is of Utmost Importance


Oklahoma Farm Report

05 May 2022


During the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Washington Watch, in Washington D.C., Farm Director, KC Sheperd had the chance to speak with various individuals devoted to serving our farmers and ranchers who are essential in providing for the world including the President of the National Farmers Union, Rob Larew. Recently, NFU’s donated $125,000 to help those involved in the agriculture industry in Ukraine and Larew said that is important.


“As farmers and ranchers out there, we certainly understand troubles and challenges and so forth,” Larew said. “Looking at what many ways characterize the breadbasket of that part of the world, we know what those farm families must be going through. It is just so unbelievable.”


The NFU wanted to do something to help, Larew said, because as farmers and ranchers, with our own challenges and struggles, we can understand that those in Ukraine are in need of assistance.


“Farmers and ranchers, I think everywhere, want to see what they can do for their community,” Larew said.


As far as the conversation on cattle transparency acts goes, Larew said this has been a long problem in the industry for many years, and we are not going to be able to change it overnight.


“I have not seen this much conversation around real, meaningful change in the industry for a very long time,” Larew said. “The fact that we have had two additional hearings, on top of the hearings that we have had in the past, I take this as all a really good sign that farmers union and many of the ranchers out there who are with us on trying to get that change, that we are making a difference, and certainly we hope that in time we will get the right legislation passed and we can see a change in the industry.”


First and foremost, Larew said the most important thing for the industry is about making sure that the marketplace is transparent and that there is a cash minimum of some sort in the marketplace.


Additionally, Larew said bringing more market...


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