NCBA's Ethan Lane Hopes to Ensure Risk Management Tools Are Available for all Sectors of Cattle Production


Oklahoma Farm Report

05 May 2022


Back with Ethan Lane, Vice President for Government Affairs for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and head of the NCBA’s Washington D.C. Office. Farm Director, KC Sheperd visited with Lane earlier this week at the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual Washington Watch.


Lane talks about disaster assistance for cattle producers and issues with wildlife conservation.


One of Lane’s priorities, he said, is making sure disaster tools and conservation tools are accessible for producers. He wants to ensure these opportunities are present for risk management at the cow-calf sector, he added.


“LRP all of a sudden is becoming a more important program for those producers with those subsidy moves a couple of years ago,” Lane said. “There has been a tremendous increase in the use of those programs.”


While it is good that the use of Livestock Risk Protection Programs has increased, Lane said he wants to make sure that there are tools available for producers to manage their risk at every segment of production.


“We know the risk is increasing, but let’s make sure those tools are keeping pace with that environment so these guys are equipped for whatever may come their way,” Lane said. “We’ve seen it all in the last couple of years.”


Whether it be a fire, flood, international crisis or drought, Lane said we have got to make sure we have these tools refreshed and working for producers.


“We are doing listening sessions for our producers around the country right now on a regional basis,” Lane said. “Getting that input, making sure that we are picking up on those items that might be important to those that aren’t part of the conversation back here right now.”


Lane said they get input from producers about how some programs can improve. This is important, he added, because that input helps them have a clear set of asks for the farm bill process...


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