Struggling British pig industry calls for Tesco to step up


By James Davey, Reuters 

May 5, 2022


LONDON, May 5 (Reuters) - The trade body for Britain’s pig industry on Thursday told Tesco, the country’s biggest supermarket group, it needs to do more to support struggling producers or risk losing its UK pork supply base.


In an open letter to Tesco Chief Executive Ken Murphy, the chairman of the National Pig Association (NPA), Rob Mutimer, said the retailer, given its scale, was uniquely positioned to act to prevent the “destruction of the UK pig sector”.


Mutimer said UK pork producers were currently facing unprecedented losses as costs of production soar due to record pig feed prices on the back of higher wheat prices caused by the war in Ukraine.


He noted it currently costs 203 pence to 216 pence per kg to produce a pig, but average pig prices remain below 170 pence a kg, meaning many producers are losing tens of thousands of pounds each week...