Josh Allenís secret playoff weapon could be Viagra

Good thing a game doesnít last more than four hours.


By James Dator, SBNation†

Jan 13, 202


Itís going to be a hard week for Josh Allen as the Bills host the Patriots in zero degree weather on Sunday night, but Bart Scott has a suggestion to make it even harder. During a conversation about Allen having circulatory issues when itís cold on Get Up (which I promise is an unintended pun), the former Jetsí linebacker let loose on a little secret.


Scott suggested that Allen pop a Viagra before the game to get his blood pumping, adding a lot of players did the same thing when he was playing to fight the cold.


I donít know why this bothers me, but it kinda does. No, itís not because itís dangerous to take prescription drugs without a doctorís order, especially for something completely different than its intended use. Instead Iím left wondering how many iconic games, how many legendary moments in playoff heroics I witnessed, never knowing the dude making the play had a huge hard on.


This shouldnít change my perception, but it does. I canít help it. Itís something I canít unsee now. Every time I watch football highlights of cold weather games I know invariably Iím going to try and work out if anyone was popping a Viagra before the game.


We knew this was the case with Chad Johnson. In 2020 the former Bengalsí receiver said they he popped Viagra throughout his career. I dove into these claims to see whether it was a performance enhancing drug (on the field) and found it to be inconclusive...