This is every Starbucks that is holding a union vote (so far)

After three stores in Buffalo held elections, the process has snowballed, with more than a dozen more stores across the country filing to hold elections.


By Kristin Toussaint, FastCompany



When Starbucks workers in Buffalo made history as the first location of the iconic coffee chain to vote to unionize, campaign organizers Workers United hoped it was just the start of a movement to increase worker power across the country. A month later, it seems they may get what they hoped for: Workers just won union representation at a second Buffalo Starbucks location, and several more across the country have filed petitions to hold union elections.


The National Labor Relations Board, the federal agency that conducts union elections, announced this week that it certified a union victory at a second Buffalo-area Starbucks store, after votes were tallied there in December—the same time when the first Buffalo store unionized—but were inconclusive after the union challenged that certain ballots should not count. The union said several votes were cast by employees who did not work at that store, and the labor board agreed, ultimately tossing them out. (Yet another Buffalo-area store held its election to unionize at the same time, where the workers voted to not join Workers United.)


Starbucks has 10 days to ask for a review of the labor board’s decision—but that election may not be the only one the company has to worry about. Union votes are now in the works at 14 other stores across the country, with 17 total Starbucks stores having filed to hold an election. “We are inspired by the bravery of our partners in Buffalo,” workers at a Hopewell, New Jersey, Starbucks wrote in a letter to Starbucks President and CEO Kevin Johnson on Tuesday, announcing their intent to form a union. The company refers to its employees as “partners,” but workers have repeatedly said that unionizing is “the only way for us to truly be partners in our company, in power rather than simply in name.”


Along with the Hopewell store, Starbucks locations that will soon hold union elections include those in:


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