Record 2021 trade surplus in Brazil, but complaints about the economy becoming commodities dependent


MercoPress (Uruguay)

January 13th 2022


Brazil managed a US$ 61,01 billion surplus in its trade balance in 2021, which is 21% higher than the US$ 50 billion of 2020 and the best performance since current stats were officially recorded beginning 1989.


However, despite the success, there are growing critics who question the fact that Brazil once a regional manufacturing hub, has become an agriculture and minerals commodities producing economy.


In effect, revenue from soybean, beef, poultry, corn, pork, and fruit exports totaled some US$ 60 billion, half of the overall Brazilian exports of US$ 120 billion last year.


Soybeans were once again the most exported commodity: 86.1 million tons of the oilseed. An absolute record that brought in US$ 38.6 billion in revenue. Other goods from the complex, such as soy oil and bran, are not included in the total sum.


Beef ranked second in 2021. Brazil, which faced a three-month sales ban to China, its main consumer, shipped 1.55 million tons in 2021. Despite a lower-than-expected volume export performance, revenue was US$ 7.35 billion...


... In the case of pork, Brazil for the first time exceeded the mark of 1 million tons exported which brought in US$ 2.47 billion. Corn overseas totaled 20.4 million tons last year, generating revenue of US$ 4.2 billion. This was because corn was hard hit by the drought...