Deadly avian flu spreads to 2nd Newfoundland location

Federal officials confirmed Sunday that H5N1 bird flu killed chickens in a small backyard flock


Mark Quinn, CBC News (Canada)

Jan 12, 2022


A deadly strain of avian influenza has spread to a second location in Newfoundland.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says avian flu has killed chickens at a small, backyard farm on the Avalon Peninsula.


"This backyard flock owner had just a few chickens and ducks," Dr. Mary-Jane Ireland, the agency's chief veterinary officer, told CBC News on Tuesday.


Last week, CBC News reported that Lester's Farm Chalet in St. John's is the first operation that lost hundreds of birds to avian flu before Christmas.


More than 350 birds died there and another 60 birds, including geese, peacocks and an emu, were euthanized in an effort to contain the virus.


The CFIA says 17 birds died at the second location. Three were hens that were killed by the virus and the rest were ducks that were euthanized.


Ireland said both locations had ponds where farm birds could mingle with wild birds, and both owners had chickens that died suddenly...


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