Cattlemen say Covid had possible impact on business

More locals began to depend on their nearest beef producer following the shortages of food on the shelves and skyrocket prices


Danielle Saitta, WTVQ Lexington (KY)

January 13, 2022


LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – While the pandemic has had a negative impact on many businesses… Forcing some to lose money or even shut down, others have found the pandemic has actually helped them earn trust among locals. Early on in the pandemic, consumers were able to see the impact Covid had on the supply chain by heading into a local supermarket. A trip for a week’s worth of groceries left many with limited items on shelves and high prices. It was during this time, the cattlemen said they could help out. The state is home to about 38,000 beef producers. Joe Lowe is an 8th generation beef producer who says communities came to depend on their local farmers and producers. This not only brought in business but helped feed families.


“We sell a little bit of freezer beef and we have one customer that they got five kids between them in between the ages of 10 and 20 and when they were going to sams club and could only buy two lbs of beef. She was saying...