Farmers say carbon credits are confusing, exclusive


By Kellan Heavican, Brownfield

January 13, 2022


Some Midwestern producers say carbon credit programs need to be more inclusive for all farming practices.


East Central Nebraska potato grower Kyle Harmon tells Brownfield many potato growers are unlikely to qualify for programs. “Just like any other producer, we want to get a piece of the pie just as much as anyone else.  I think we have to do a lot on our end to work with the people to see how our operation actually fits into the whole scheme of things.”


Riley Stoltz helps raise corn and soybeans in Northeast Nebraska and says farmers who’ve implemented climate smart practices like no-till or cover crops don’t qualify for programs but they should. “We have farmers who have been doing the right thing for so long,” she says. “They need rewarded and recognized for the work they’ve done just as much as the farmers willing to implement new practices.”


Mariah Murphy with Truterra, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes, says...