Biden Pledges $1 Billion to Meat Farmers: Why Not Plant Protein?


Lucy Danziger, The Beet

January 13, 2022


When the Biden administration announced a $1 billion plan to help out farmers struggling to put food specifically meat on Americans' tables, it was met with praise by the farming community, but the question is, why not invest in the future of plant-based protein instead? The bailout is intended to be a lifeline for small farmers who have seen disruptions in the workforce due to COVID-19, causing hardship to their farms, as well as inflationary prices at the market, and growing meat and poultry shortages across the country.


No one is rooting for inflationary prices, and our hearts go out to struggling farmers since everyone wants to help mall business owners trying to stay afloat but the administration's earmarking of funds to build more meat processing plants across the US seems atavistic, and could instead be used to help independent farmers re-engineer their production to crops such as peas, soybean, and oats, all of which are in high demand as 61 percent of consumers say that plant-based proteins are the wave of the future and a preferred source.


As shortages of meat and eggs, poultry and pork grow nationwide, rather than double down on our need for these sources of protein, we should be encouraging consumers to opt for plant-based proteins, which now come packaged in tasty and realistic meat alternatives, poultry substitutes, and eggs made without the chicken. For a full list of what to buy at the store, check out these meat alternatives to try today.


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