Ag has ‘winning hand’ to combat climate change


Janelle Atyeo, Tri-State Neighbor

AgUpdate (NE) - Jan 13, 2022


When it comes to combating climate change, agriculture has the answers, according to a panel of ag leaders.


South Dakota Farm Bureau hosted a panel on Climate Smart Agriculture at its annual convention in Sioux Falls Nov. 20, featuring Nancy Labbe of the Nature Conservancy, Doug Berven of Poet ethanol, and Carpenter, South Dakota farmer Jared Knock, who helps other farmers navigate regenerative ag programs.


Knock took listeners back to the time when the hot debate was whether eating meat aligned with environmental goals. Cattle producers like him were told not to ante up and join the conversation, he said.


But as companies start to look at farmers’ fields as carbon banks, the tables have turned.


“Ag is sitting here with the winning hand,” Knock said.


His farm has been on a mission to implement regenerative practices for the last decade or so, interseeding cover crops, fine tuning nutrient applications, and rotating pastures their cattle graze. His goal is to make this way of operating not just the environmentally friendly thing to do but the most profitable, too.


Farmers have a major role to play when it comes to the future of the nation’s energy and fuel production, according to Berven. He foresees more and more fuel being produced from the land rather from below the surface.


“We’re going to reinvent energy in this country, I’m convinced, and it’s going to start with the farmer,” he said...