As 71% of Americans Dabble in Plant-Based, 2022 Will Be a High-Stakes Brand Battleground

Faux poultry, potato milk and more will fuel billions in sales for alternatives to meat and dairy


By T.L. Stanley, Adweek

Jan 13, 2022


It’s a great time to be a flexitarian in America, where consumers who mix and match a diet of animal protein with faux meat and dairy alternatives can find plant-based options at popular mainstream chains like KFC, Burger King, Starbucks and even McDonald’s (which has finally joined its rivals with a trial run of the McPlant burger).


The same is true at upscale chef-led restaurants—not just in coastal enclaves—and Gordon Ramsay recently set TikTok on fire with a vegan bacon recipe.


For home cooks, grocery channels from Walmart to Safeway now stock a wide variety of egg alternatives, frozen veggie-friendly meals, vegan cheese and meatless burgers, chicken and sausage. Tuna-free tuna and seafood-less crab cakes? They’re not just in specialty stores anymore.


The abundant supply aims to meet a growing demand: 71% of U.S. adults reported trying at least one plant-based product in 2021, according to Datassential, and 48% look for products labeled “plant based,” per the Hartman Group, while 67% have tried non-dairy milk, says Morning Consult, citing that one in three consumers drinks it at least weekly.


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