USDA’s January Reports Reveal Hay Stocks Hit a 10-Year Low in December


By Tyne Morgan, AgWeb 

January 12, 2022


Dry conditions in the West have plagued producers for months. And while some recent relief has come in the form of rain, a new USDA report shows just how dire the hay situation is for many livestock producers.


USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer says as a result, hay stocks are now the lowest we’ve seen since 2012/2013.


“So, in terms of coming off of the drought, you can see the impacts of that Western drought,” Meyer says. “Thankfully, it's been raining in some areas there, but you can see the impacts of those Western drought, in a lot of different variables.”


Rains have relieved some issues in the West, but not near enough to scratch the surface and erase the severeness of a multi-year drought. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor shows 95% of the West is still covered in drought. There are signs of improvement, as the Drought Monitor showed the area considered to be in D3, or Extreme Drought, in the West improved nearly 8 points in just a week...


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