Cattle and wildfires

Jan 12th, 2022


Who can forget the devastation caused by wildfires throughout every western state in 2021. In the fight against massive wildfires across the west, many in the ranching community say the best tool isnít a helicopter or a shovel. Itís a herd of grazing cattle.


Mark Pratt, President of the Idaho Cattle Association, says cattle can remove the fine fuels that allow fires to grow at a breakneck pace.


ďMy understanding on this yearís fires, they had some areas that had a fuel load of about 2,000 tons per acre. And thinking that you can do anything with a fire once it gets into a fuel load, thereís nothing that can be done other than stand back and watch it create its own weather.Ē


He says between what cows eat and step on, they are very efficient at reducing those dangerous fuel loads.


Pratt adds that over the past 20 years the cattle industry has learned the role they play in carbon sequestration and helping keep the environment clean...


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