Farm Bureau votes for higher reference prices, complicated cattle position


by Jerry Hagstrom, The Hagstrom Report

via The Fence Post (CO) - Jan 12, 2022


ATLANTA Delegates to the American Farm Bureau Federation 2022 convention voted Tuesday, Jan. 11, to urge Congress to increase the prices on which farm crop subsidies are based and adopted a complicated position on cattle trades.


Although the next farm bill will not be written until 2023, the full voting membership adopted a report of the Resolutions Committee calling for a reference price increase for all Title I commodities, increased commodity loan rates and inflation-adjusted farm program payment limits.


The Kansas and Nebraska Farm Bureau state chapters proposed amendments to strike the proposals to increase reference prices, but did not bring them up at the business session.


The issue of reference prices was one of several in which there were regional conflicts.


Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall said that the final decisions on these policies would be made by the Farm Bureau board.


Duvall presided over the meeting with the assistance of Alabama Farm Bureau President Jimmy Parnell, who played the leadership role in the absence of Scott VanderWal, the South Dakota Farm Bureau president who serves as vice president of the national group. Duvall told the delegates that VanderWal was suffering from COVID-19 and that he said nothing else could keep him away from the meeting.


The delegates engaged in a lengthy debate about whether to support the proposal by senators including Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Deb Fischer, R-Neb., to require a set percentage of cash sales.


Duvall said the Farm Bureau board would decide its position on the Grassley-Fischer bill after comparing it to the Farm Bureau positions...