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·         Thailand: Pork cost too much? Let’em eat (pricier) fake meat: Thai actor

·         Thailand: Chicken price freeze to counter to high pork prices



Pork cost too much? Let’em eat (pricier) fake meat: Thai actor


By Coconuts Bangkok           

Jan 11, 2022


Pork too costly? Worry not and instead eat plant-based products, said one mainstream actor. The problem was that they cost much more, and the actor is a paid shill for the massive conglomerate which makes them.


Naphat Siangsomboon was reeling from the backlash today to the message he posted on social media along with a selfie beside a soy chicken nugget made by Meat Zero, a label belonging to Thai-Chinese maker-of-all things CP.


“While pork prices are rising, let’s try this plant-based meat instead. It’s delicious, healthy and fuss-free,” he wrote on his Facebook last night. “Plant-based chicken nuggets, crispy pork and ground pork offer high protein. You can make many recipes such as pad krapao, clear soup, and stuffed omelet.”


The 25-year-old actor has appeared in numerous television series and films, but is most recognized for his commercials. He is a paid presenter for Meat Zero, which sells 200 grams of meat alternative protein for THB79 at retail, almost twice pork’s current inflated price due to a shortage.


“Pork is THB200 per kilogram while this plant-based pork is THB70 per 200 grams. Ughhhhh. That’s embarrassing,” @Wanwia1999 tweeted.


Naphat’s original post has been deleted after it received overwhelming criticism...


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Chicken price freeze to counter to high pork prices


Bangkok Post (Thailand)

11 Jan 2022


The Internal Trade Department and traders in the poultry industry have agreed to freeze chicken prices for six months while steps are taken to solve the problem of soaring pork prices, department director general Wattanasak Sua-iam said on Tuesday.


He said the price of live chickens at farms is capped at 33.50 baht per kilogramme; fresh whole slaughtered chicken (with or without offal) at 60-65 baht/kg, thighs and drumsticks at 60-65 baht/kg and breast at 65-70 baht/kg. The price controls are effective until the end of June.


Chicken raisers will also be asked to increase productivity within 45 days, Mr Wattanasak said...


... According to Mr Wattanasak, high pork prices were partly caused by small-scale pig raisers closing down their farms, as the price of animal feed had risen by 7%. This resulted in the supply of pork to the market falling by about 30%.


In a bid to bring down prices, the Internal Trade Department had launched a project selling  pork at a competitive 150 baht/kg at selected outlets until the end of January...