Kansas ranchers help fellow farmers in need after their land was burned in December fires


Alice Mannette, The Hutchinson News

via Salina Journal (KS) - Jan 11, 2022 


PARTRIDGE — For weeks, Partridge cattle rancher Colby Harner thought about what he could do to help fellow ranchers who lost their homes, animals and sometimes their livelihood during the Dec. 15 fires that swept across Kansas.


Harner wanted to donate something different.


"Everybody wants to donate hay and money," he said. "I wanted to find something else they could use. They've got a heck of a problem on their hands."


Harner knew the ranchers needed fencing, as much of it was burnt and destroyed during December's derecho. He and his family rent farmland that has hedge trees on it. He called up the landowner and asked if he could cut the trees down and donate the wood to ranchers in trouble. The landlord agreed.


Next, Harner pulled together a group of 15 men and they spent most of Saturday, Jan. 8, cutting up trees to make fence posts.


After each post was cut and measured, it was loaded onto a flatbed. Harner will drive the truck up to Russell during the week of Jan. 10, where it is going to be dispersed to ranchers in need.


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